What's new?

April 2006 Another page of images added this month although I have had most of them there for quite a while - they are now available and I have stated selecting some for the next page

February 2006 I have added behaviours to the links in the Geology area so that images and tables open in new windows rather than replacing the main window. Please let me know if they don't work on your system. Javascript does not work reliably in browsers before 4.0.

May 2005: After a long gap due to a hectic work schedule, I have managed to get another page of images up (page 10 - there are now 350 images in total on those pages alone) and I have tried to make them easier to navigate through as well. I have also revised and updated the weblinks.

I have removed the forum for now as I had not enough time to monitor and respond to it.

March 2004: I have added a Forum. I will monitor the usage of this and, if it proves useful to people, I will retain it.

November 2003: There is a ninth page of images added

September 2003: The materials on placenames have been put up (with a little coaxing of the software). Since there was a fair bit of hand coding, please let me know of any links etc. not working and I will fix them

September 2003: There are now some more weblinks in the general area

July 2003: I have added another page of images

June 2003: I have added a Laganside panorama into the Urban section

May 2003: I have added a seventh page of images

April 2003: New Issue - lignite mine near to Ballymoney, County Antrim - see under Issues button

Feb 2003: I have added a sixth page of images

Feb 2003: I have added a section on Northern Ireland Geology which includes maps, data sheets and images of the most common rock types in Northern Ireland.

Jan 2003: I have changed the background of the left hand frame, as Netscape and Opera browsers seemed to have difficulty in accessing the Cascading Style Sheet. I will try to find a way around this, but the white background should work in the interim.

Dec 2002: I have added four new sites to the dedicated Geography sites page.

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