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Other Sites

The site for the carbon consious. You need to have Flash player installed but this will stimulate a lot of discussion and introduce many very serious issues
Google Earth has been described as the killer app for geographers. It now installs on the Macintosh as well as the PC. Highly recommended.
Google maps The are also interesting. Only North America has really detailed satellite imagery at present - click on Satellite to view.
Strangford Lough - a protected Northern Ireland wetland
A well-known and very useful site
Friends of the Earth, International
Build Laganside - a case study of urban redevelopment in Belfast
Sustainable Development - an excellent site aimed at Key Stage 3
New Internationalist magazine – see especially the magazine online – an amazing resource
The HMS Endurance Tracking Project
Linking Google maps and Flickr to bring images from around the world
State of the Environment
Links last checked 7.2.2011