Geographical photographs — page 6

These photographs are © Stephen Roulston, except where otherwise stated. However they are copyright free for educational use, with acknowledgment. Click on a thumbnail to get a full sized picture. You can Control-Click (Mac) or right-click (PC) to save a picture.

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BogMeadows Carnlough Causeway Chalk ChalkBasalt
Bog Meadows Carnlough Causeway Chalk ChalkBasalt
Chalk_Arch Cliffs Cool Cumulus1 Donegal
Chalk_Arch.jpg Cliffs.jpg Cool.jpg Cumulus1.jpg Donegal.jpg
DunluceCastle EStack EastStrand EelFishery Food
DunluceCastle Elephant Stack EastStrand EelFishery Food
Frost_bram Frost_grass GarronPoint Gasworks Glacial
Frost_bram Frost_grass GarronPoint Gasworks Glacial
HAndW HalfpennyBr Heathrow Knocklayd LimeKiln
H and W HalfpennyBr Heathrow Knocklayd LimeKiln
LoughNeagh3 Mournes Mway Portbradan Portrush
Lough Neagh Mournes Mway Portbradan Portrush
River_bank Sitka_Forest Towards_Rathlin WhitePB mammy
River_bank Sitka_Forest Towards_Rathlin White Park Bay Mammy wagon