Geographical photographs — page 7

These photographs are © Stephen Roulston, except where otherwise stated. However they are copyright free for educational use, with acknowledgment. Click on a thumbnail to get a full sized picture. You can Control-Click (Mac) or right-click (PC) to save a picture.

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Thanks to Marie for the photographs of Lanzarote and to Brian for the New Brunswick sunset

Ardboe Bay Bypass Bypass2 Camels_Lanzarotte
Ardboe Bay Bypass Bypass Camels_Lanzarotte
Church Conglomerate Crater Cruck1 Culmore_Point
Church Conglomerate Crater Cruck Culmore_Point
Cusps DuneSoil ElGolfo Georgian_Terrace Glenelly
Cusps Dune Soil ElGolfo Georgian_Terrace Glenelly
Glenelly2 Glenelly3 Glens Hill_castle L_Neagh
Glenelly2 Glenelly Glens Hill_castle L_Neagh
Lanzarotte Lesser_celandines Limestone Lviv_Tram Mag_Point
Lanzarotte Lesser_celandines Limestone Lviv_Tram Magilligan_Point
Maritime_Village Mill1985 Mud_walled_house Peat_bank Peat_clamps
Maritime_Village Mill 1985 Mud_walled_house Peat_bank Peat_clamps
Sperrins Sunset TremoneBay Venice Vinyard
Sperrins Sunset Tremone Bay Venice Vinyard